Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario

                           The Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario

A club designed to promote all aspects of the breed,
including: Field - Obedience - Show - Health -
and most important ... Family Companion.

Our members are an active group of Brittany owners, breeders and fanciers.
We promote all aspects of the breed, including Upland Bird Hunter,
Field Competitor, Show Dog, Obedience and Family Companion.

The club is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

The Club organizes a variety of activities for members and their Brittanys such as
Field Trials, Field Dog Tests, Booster Shows, Family Fun Day and Training Workshops.

Our quarterly newsletter, Britt Business keeps members up-to-date
on club events and items of interest to the breed.

We invite you to join the Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario,
whether you already own a Brittany or are considering it.
Just fill in the application below and forward it along with your cheque.

Thank You!

BSCO 2018 membership form .pdf

Please print out the PDF form

Please send your cheque made payable to:
The Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario and send to:
Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario
c/o Vicki Whitmell, BSCO Secretary,
33 Price St., Suite 44,
Toronto, ON M4W 1Z1
Email: [email protected]

OR Pay with ?Send Money? to:
[email protected]
and email your completed entry form to
[email protected]

                                       Code of Ethics

As a Member of the Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario, I/We do hereby agree to abide by the provisions of this code of Ethics in order to further the best interest of the Brittany Spaniel Breed.

I/we agree to this covenant as Brittany owner(s) or occasional or full-time breeder(s), in full knowledge that my/our failure to comply with this Code of Ethics may lead to disciplinary actions by the aforesaid Club, or even expulsion from the Club.

I/we promise, as Members of the Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario to:

1. Abide by the present or any future amendments of the constitution and by-laws of the aforesaid Club, to be exemplary member(s) of the Club and present a united front in the best interest of my/our chosen breed.
2. Adhere to the rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club and to know and promote the CKC Brittany Spaniel Standard.
3. Sell only dogs for which registration papers will be provided.
4. Sell pups or dogs with one or more major breed standard faults at a considerably reduced price from my/our normal one, and then only with a non-breeding contract.
5. Strive for the all-round betterment of the Brittany Spaniel breed at all times.
6. Never engage in any way in the commercial sale or purchase of litter-lots of puppies to or from pet shops or commercial dog brokers.
7. Not abuse my/our dogs at any time or in any way.
8. Never engage in false or misleading advertising.
9. Maintain satisfactory standards of hygiene and canine care in my/our premises or kennel.
10. To always refrain from any detrimental public comment on any member’s dog(s) or breeding practices or kennel or operation